"Yard trimmings and organic waste, can be composted without haste, excessive dumping has gotten old, keep that trash, it's gardeners' gold. Composting! ~ Anonymous

A healthy garden uses an organic approach

New Leaf offers an alternative to building and maintaining your landscape, one that avoids chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

Your landscape/garden plan is developed using organic gardening practices…and we start by creating a high-quality soil bed.  Once your soil is healthy and has the correct pH level, we’ll install plant varieties that are known to thrive in your conditions.  Plants native to Indiana will often be recommended because they have a much better chance of thriving in your landscape. 

We’ll take other factors into consideration when planning your design, like light levels, wind, moisture and susceptibility to wildlife.   Working with nature and its natural balances inhibits pests and diseases.  We’ve found this approach produces a more healthy, sustainable landscape, and one that is in harmony with the larger environment.


4) Pritchard party

Collaborative design is fun

Working together is the best way to develop a good plan and a sustainable garden. New Leaf will survey your property and interview you. We'll ask the right questions to determine your landscaping tastes and tolerance for maintenance. Finding plants you like that match soil and light condtions will lead to a successful landscape.

You decide your own level of involvement in the design and installation process. New Leaf encourages participation because a good partnership assures the newly developed landscape is something that you'll enjoy and New Leaf can guarantee.

Educational opportunities are also available through New Leaf. We can provide training sessions on pruning, dividing, general maintenance, and other topics.

Personalized service is what makes New Leaf Landscape Consulting unique. The process is fun, and you'll enjoy the results for years.

Keep your garden beautiful with year-round maintenance

New Leaf offers a variety of maintenance services to ensure that your landscape investment appreciates from proper care.

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