It’s time to clean out and burn down!

When the warmer winds begin to blow - and blow they have! - it’s time to cut back, clean out and, sometimes, burn down. As I always say, nobody does it better than nature.  To emulate her is never a mistake.  It is about this time each year when I cut back the wonderful ornamental grasses that gave me such beautiful winter interest. As in nature, fires burn the plants to the ground and revitalize the plants.  It is best to cut back as much as you can of the old growth. Then burn the remainder. I always do it while the surrounding earth is still damp from snow.  This minimizes the danger of fire spreading.  Enjoy the pics…

IMG 1579
IMG 1580
IMG 1581
IMG 1590

The grasses will look awful for weeks. But patience (as always) is the key!  You will be rewarded in a month or so with rebust grasses!