Our team


Kristin Rust - Designer/Owner

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  • 30+ years gardening/landscaping experience in Indiana/Midwest
  • Master Gardener
  • INLA Member
  • Certified Organic Educator
  • American Horticultural Society member
  • INPAWS member
  • PPA member 
  • Licensed nursery dealer
  • Fully insured landscape designer and installer
  • Loves digging in the dirt with a PASSION! 
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Shawn Wiegand - Operations and Site Manager

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Shawn is starting year seventh in Bloomington and with New Leaf.  Gardening is a passion for Shawn, and he is working toward completion of his Master Gardener certification.  Working outside is his first love.  His first career was as a banker (sorry folks), so the landscaping work of seeing a project go from inception to completion is MUCH more satisfying and interesting. “Everyday is something different, exciting, and rewarding. I am lucky to work with two very experienced gardeners and learn from them daily.”

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 Shawn lives on the North side with his girlfriend and her two children.  They are just minutes away from the lake and state forest.  He spends most of his time in and around Bloomington area parks hiking, canoeing, and enjoying the outdoors. “After living in the city for fifteen years, Bloomington is a breath of fresh air.”

Jessica Wilson - Crew Member and
Master Gardener

Employee Photo Jessica 1

Jessica is a proud worker for New Leaf Landscape Consulting. She received an Associate of Science from Ivy Tech Bloomington in May 2011. She studied oncology and radiation therapy. Her studies spurred her to become an advocate for holistic, healthy living and consuming chemical/pesticide-free products. As a result of her deep-rooted love for organic gardening, her desire to become more involved in the local community has grown. She wants to stay connected to the earth by getting her hands dirty and working the land. Hence, she has chosen to pursue a career that allows her to be outdoors, while still doing good for others. It seems too good to be true (to her) that she would find a job that combines her love for organic, local products with her love for people and healthy-living. New Leaf is glad to have her!

Patrick Siney - Crew Member and Graphic Designer

Patrick Siney, a sixth year assistant, is excited to be retuning to the 2015 team.  He brings an exceptional attention to detail and muscle to any job.  "I enjoy see customers ideas come to life",  Patrick says.  Motivated by the hands-on process that creates beautiful outdoor spaces, he believes nature is a wonderful artistic platform.  "You might say I'm a artist by nature."  he jokes.  "I love the team New Leaf has worked to foster,working with my hands and the earth always gets me excited." 

We couldn't be happier to have Patrick joining us again!

Eddy Castrillo - Crew Member

Employee Photo Eddy 2

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